Amimoc a à coeur de réduire son empreinte écologique et d'augmenter se cote verte

An ecological choice

Our company likes green.

The tannery

Tanneries have long been criticized for the large quantities of chemicals they use in leather processing. It is because of strict environmental regulations that the largest of them have deserted Canada. There are only a few small ones left with more artisanal methods. As these are not intended for industrial production, we have no choice but to turn to imports to obtain our leathers. These come mainly from the United States, Italy and Thailand. Most of our suppliers use vegetable tanning methods to reduce their ecological footprint. In addition, they all adhere to our philosophy of smaller scale production and reuse to avoid waste

Amimoc utilisez l'hydroélectricité comme source première d"énergie renouvelable

Sustainable energy

We are one of the few companies that use low-impact renewable energy, hydroelectricity. Since coal is still widely used in the industry, we are privileged to be able to operate from water, a renewable natural resource.


To keep up with demand, shoe companies must constantly expand and automate their processes, using energy-intensive machinery. In addition, the various manufacturing steps are often done in different locations to save on labour costs. For example, leather from Europe is shipped to the United States for trimming, and these parts are then sewn in Asia while the final assembly is done in the United States. A lot of fuel will be spent before the final product is even distributed. Amimoc sees things differently.

Amimoc, une entreprise éco-responsable qui utilise l'eau comme énergie première

By humans

All the manufacturing steps of our products are done in our Quebec City factory. Many of them are still done by hand, giving each pair a unique handmade touch.

Amimoc practices

Once the raw materials are received at the Quebec City factory, the creation process begins. Some steps, such as weaving, are done by hand and many of the pieces are still die-cut. In addition to the forty or so seamstresses on site, we also have a team that assembles the boots with soles by hand. Our warehouse is located next to our factory to minimize the movement of finished products and our distribution network is essentially in Quebec, Ontario and the Northeastern United States.

Thoughtful development

The development of our new products always involves the reuse of existing materials. Before ordering new products, we consider what we have in stock so that we don't throw away any raw materials. This is why you will often find the same leathers or soles from one year to the next.

In addition, we create many limited edition collections in order to obtain smaller quantities of raw material to ensure that we use it all. We also created a new collection of accessories and bags in the summer of 2019 to optimize some of the leathers we had left over in too small quantities to make a line of boots

Durable boots

Mass consumption remains a major issue to consider. By selecting quality leathers, we ensure that our boots are durable and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Whether you opt for a classic model or a unique piece from a limited collection, your pair will be comfortable and you will want to take care of them for as long as possible. In the event of a problem, we will always give priority to repairs.

Amimoc, une entreprise éco-responsable qui utilise l'eau comme énergie première

A greener future

Keeping your winter boots on longer is also doing your part for the environment.